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The History of Disciples of Gaming

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The History of the Disciples of Gaming
� Disciples of Gaming, 2007 - 2019

In the Beginning�

Since the dawn of servers and LANs, gaming groups have organized. As games grew complex, team-based play became more advanced, and gaming communities formalized. Some of these communities were casual while others grew competitive, forming the origins of what is now known as professional gaming.

Disciples of Gaming (D.o.G.) is, in many ways, a third-generation of organized gaming. Its family tree dates back to the early days of Halo 2 on Xbox Live. Clans in Halo 2 were groups of up to 100 members who were eligible to compete together in matchmade games against teams from other clans. Competition was fierce; earning even a modest ranking was an accomplishment.

Gradually, gamers with KSI at the beginning of their gamertags began to appear in clan-matches. As it turned out, Killing Services Incorporated (KSI) was the original sponsored clan. Its membership was divided into two groups: professional and recreational. KSI applied basic rules, organizational structure (rank structure) and acquired sponsors for its professional gamers.

The Era of Xile

As KSI developed, flaws in its structure became apparent to some of its leaders. High-ranking officers were ignored, as were rules forbidding cheating and disrespect. KSI had a single leader, meaning that decisions were unilateral. Soon some of the leadership, known as the Exiled Kings, broke off from KSI forming a gaming community known as Xiled Gaming Company (XGC) that was friendlier and more democratic in its organizational structure.

Yet as time passed, the new organization saw its own problems. Members grew dissatisfied with the clumsy structure and bureaucracy. Communication between leadership ranks was poor and worsening. Some communities became plagued by melodrama and power struggles. Others fell into inactivity and disrepair. Yet due to the lack of communication, those responsible for the worsening clans were not held accountable for their management missteps, and standards fell throughout the organization.

A Secret is Born

To some, this was not acceptable. While individual clan leaders couldn't enforce standards in every clan, they could certainly do so within their own. An underground organization of these standards-based clans formed and dubbed itself D.o.G.: Disciples of Gaming.

Using the premise that every clan is a self-sustaining community, a plan was devised. In the event of an institutional crisis, the clans needed to know what resources would be lost without the top leadership. Surprisingly, the answer was: almost nothing. Many of the policies were handed down from the top ranks, tying the hands of the clan leaders while offering little benefit in return. Loyalty tended to rest with the leaders responsible for directly overseeing the clans, rather than those with broader institutional power.

The plan was simple: take the structure, institutions and policies that made these D.o.G. clans the best, and remove the leadership baggage. The clans would become more adaptable. Standards would be maintained, and members would know the real value of their membership.

As time passed, leaders within the secret organization began conceiving of a better organized community that offered more to its membership: institutions to teach new gamers, event planning boards to encourage friendly tournaments and other community activities, and a reference handbook to help guide leaders and ensure quality in every D.o.G. community. Membership would have its privileges.

Breach of Faith

One commander in the developing organization was dissatisfied with her role. She didn't like the standards and felt her leadership exceeded her authority. She pleaded with her superior to grant her additional power in her clan, despite having yet to fulfill the standard required to earn that power. After weeks of begging for and being denied absolute control of her clan, weeks of hearing how she wasn't quite ready, she had had enough.

Whisperings of D.o.G. had surfaced in the preceding weeks, but with the testimony and evidence provided by the disgruntled commander, the leaders of the parent organization decided they had had enough. The leader overseeing the clans of D.o.G. was brought in and interrogated through the night; he expressed the issues that had festered, but his concerns about poor oversight and counterproductive policies fell on deaf ears. With sunrise only a few hours away, he was removed from his position. The night was quiet, anarchy was on the horizon.

The first of December

The next morning was a flurry of action. Much to the surprise of the old leadership, nearly every clan that had pledged itself to the Disciples began to defect. Whole clans were disappearing from the parent organization and as the old leaders began their inquiries, they were met with impish pranks and hostility. On December 1, 2006, Disciples of Gaming had emerged from the shadows and planted its feet squarely on the ground.

The magnitude of this defection was becoming apparent to the old leaders, and panic set in. In desperation, lower-ranking leaders were ordered to infiltrate as many of the defecting clans as possible under the pretense of helping members who wished to remain in the old organization. Once given the power, they were to remove every person from the clans. Two clans, 1st Strike and No Fear, were both hit, a move the old leaders quickly began to regret.

Members that had questioned their loyalty became resolute. Here was evidence of the hypocrisy that they had heard of. The ranks of D.o.G. filled as communities reunited. Many new D.o.G. leaders would cite this day among their most satisfying gaming memories. Within one week, Disciples of Gaming had gained more than 500 members.

The End, For Now

The story of the Disciples of Gaming continues today. Membership is growing, and the vision formed in those long-ago meetings is quickly becoming a reality. We are dedicated to giving our members more, both in community and in leadership resources. This is only the beginning of what we will accomplish. The future promises both great struggle and great opportunity, and we will make the most of both.

Gaming Today

The gaming world continues to grow. Players and teams of all abilities compete in tournaments and online competition on a daily basis. Gaming is a red-hot, multi-million-dollar-a-year industry and a playground for people of all ages and demographics.

There are no boundaries of race, religion, creed or sex when it comes to online gaming. As much as the Internet has opened the world to millions through a computer, online gaming has widened the horizons of gamers through their gaming system.

Disciples of Gaming is an organization dedicated to the betterment of online gaming experiences. Through the wisdom and dedication of its leadership, D.o.G. works tirelessly to create and maintain a community that makes online gaming a truly worthwhile and enjoyable experience for everyone. Professionalism and respect are essential to our communities. The leadership of our members and their dedication to the D.o.G. community ensures that every member of the Disciples of Gaming has a fun, rewarding gaming experience.

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning constant and never-ending improvement. This is our mantra. We will be the best gaming community, and will always strive to improve.

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