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  1. I thought I would let everyone know that myself and Danielle are getting married in May 2018, thank you DoG for bringing us together!!!

  2. Anyone have an extra BO3 code for Xbox One?

  3. Does anyone have an Xbox Gold Trial card? My girlfriend and I want to play, but she is out of Gold.

    1. Sunwish81


      I have a two day. I don't think it ever been used

    2. Sunwish81


      Hey I have sent u the code.

  4. Anyone want a code for CoD AW Brass Exo, AK12-G, Crossbow and Laser?

    1. DoG Cryo SD

      DoG Cryo SD

      Yeah I got an email with a code so same if anyone wants it

  5. Work has never taken so long, I want my Master Chief Collection!!!!!!!

  6. If you have an Xbox One and are getting MCC, add me, I will be playing a lot of it :)

  7. The feedback seems positive on the new banner, so I am going to change the banners in the "Welcome to DoG" section and see what everyone thinks.

  8. Made a new banner for the site, on the "green" skin, let me know what you think.

  9. Check out my topic, ALS IceBucketChallenge, I nominated DoG Leonidas SD and DoG Damy ID

  10. So, got my Xbox One back from MS, apparently they sent me someone elses console because it is covered in scratches and blemishes. Ugh...

    1. DoG Domination ID

      DoG Domination ID

      Yep I've been there, sent in my 360 for RRoD and it came back the back plate was warped and the disk tray didn't want open.

  11. Live broadcast by yours truly, E2. I will be the DJ for the next hour or so, if you like hip hop, click the link to my broadcast.

  12. Mr EsQuArEd ID

    Suggestions for DoG Store

    We have the simple DoG logo... That is quite streamlined.
  13. Halo: Master Chief Collection, on Xbox One

  14. Congrats to DoG Hyperion DL on his promo to Major!

  15. Been adding more theme colors, any suggestions?