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  1. Whats up, you remember me as DoG Fender DL, my gamertag is FENDERblues22b, im looking to become more active within the community but would like to speak to some DL's or higher.  Please contact me

    1. DoG FENIX DL

      DoG FENIX DL

      Fender, Reach out to me my man. I will be on tonight and tomorrow night. DOG FENIX DL

  2. Hi all, sorry I have not been active.  A lot of things going on in my life and gaming is not on the top of my list right now.  I am aware some of you are concerned and I appreciate the attention.  God Bless and see you soon...kiss kiss :)


  3. Alrighty, lets get these forums rocking again

    1. HeatwaveDesign
    2. Toady99


      I wish. Love to get how many posts I used to have. 

  4. Hello All! Been awhile


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    2. DoG FENDER

      DoG FENDER

      whats up Apache, long time never seen..lol