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  1. Anyone in the Xbox one preview program? That is willing to invite me. I've been trying to get in the Xbox one preview program for a while I was in the one back on 360

  2. Hey all. Is There anyone still on the design team? I put in a couple requests just wanting to know if anyone is still on the team

  3. DoG Sh0wYaH0wda

    Suggestions for DoG Store

    Maybe update phone cases i had someone in my branch say they would buy one if their phone was on the list for cases. Maybe add hats like snapbacks and baseball caps flat and curved rim and maybe something for the lady gamers like scrunchies etc. Maybe update logos and or add diffferent ones. Maybe add kid clothes i know there's a bunch of members that do have kids. Maybe dog toys or something for dogs there's a few members i know that have dogs. Maybe add stickers and stuff for windows on cars. Maybe add more variety of shirts like tank tops. Maybe add sweatpants. Maybe add something where we can also add our gamertags and branch