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  1. anyone on advance warfare?

  2. anyone down for some advance on the one.

  3. Who is on xbox one and wants to play advance?!?!?!?! hit me up please

  4. Ok so I need some help with something. any takers from the xbox one?

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    2. TongueWarrior
    3. TongueWarrior


      What can I say. I live a hard life lol

    4. TongueWarrior


      Yep I went poof. But guess what poof I'm back

  5. anyone on xbox one call of duty?

  6. My friend sent me an xbox one!!! I'm so in love with it!!!

  7. who is up and wants to play ghosts hit me up

  8. hit me up guys!!!! will be on late tonight whoop whoop lol

    1. TongueWarrior
    2. TongueWarrior


      No thank you. Hope to do it again soon

  9. up late on ghost!!!!! killing some peeps!!!! whoop whoop lol

  10. oh yeah all nighter here I come :)

    1. TongueWarrior


      lol well if your on later i will plat with you!!!

  11. Well looks like an all nighter on ghost for me!!! whoop whoop!!!!

  12. looks like I get to pull an all night on GHOSTS!!!!!!

  13. Thinking maybe an all night on some Ghost!!!!

  14. can't wait for work to be over!!! I hear ghost calling my name!!!