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  1. Hi Folks,  Please welcome my son alebla01 to DoG, he has only been wanting to be in DoG for 4 years, but I said he was too young, he is 15 now.  BTW,  Please influence him to choose a name people can actually say lol.

  2. Happy Birthday Quickman123 and all the others whose birthday is today!

  3. For all those players still on Xbox 360, all branches are merging into a single multi-game Branch called DoG Xbox 360, message DoG JD if you are interested in this branch format

  4. We had a 12 person turnout on BO2 tonight, if anyone is interested we will have another one on Wednesday!

  5. Afflictions CGN on BO2 and BO3 tonight starting at 9PM EST, DoG JD hosting

  6. Had a lobby of 20 on BO2 for CGN best turn out in a while just goes to show you BO2 bring em out!!

    1. Sunwish81


      Nice. Black ops titles seem to do well. Advanced warfare and ghosts where u know jd

  7. To all Commanders on their runs, when asking for a Commander speech since we have commanders on their runs that are from 360 & One, the commanders you are reaching out to need to know what systems you have. I can tell you I would rather give a speech over Xbox chat than just sending it over the forums. So when reaching out to me indicate if you have a 360 as that is the only system I have at this point.

    1. Sunwish81


      Xbox one commanders on there runs. There is backward compatibility u can talk to the 360 commanders that way. That the way we can bridge the gap

  8. Backwards compatibility comes to xbox one this holiday season. Without having to repurchase anything, you will need to download the game before it's playable though.

  9. So Zelda, how are you did you find out why you passed out? If too private for the entire DoG family PM message me.

  10. Any game of war players out there secondly is the Disciples of Gaming alliance in the game of war app started by DoG members??

  11. Can't wait to try out the new grapple Exo ability on dlc ascendance

  12. Happy Birthday CrAzYDaN!!! Does this mean your taking tonight off to celebrate

  13. DoG JD

    Suggestions for DoG Store

    I say we leave spreadshirt and start a store on cafepress.
  14. Happy Birthday TwistedRoze