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  4. Im on Playstation as well, my PSN is Black_Shark3601 in case anyone is tryna link on there! :)

  5. If I keep working at McDonald's I'm gonna turn into a McChicken😂

  6. Note to self:

    Never ever rush paperwork!

  7. DoG Hiccups SD

    Hiccups Showcase

  8. who is down to do a forum party? I want to break the record of 108 people on at one time...


  9. Happy New Years! 🎊

  10. If I keep working at McDonald's I'm gonna turn into a McChicken😂

  11. They did surgery on a grape

    1. DoG MECHAN1C

      DoG MECHAN1C

      I hope they had a good ... raisin?

  12. I want YOU... for Black Out Mode!   Hit Me Up!

    1. DoG Hiccups SD

      DoG Hiccups SD

      Not very good at it but i'm down to play when i'm on, add me!

  13. DoG FENIX

    DoG FENIX Showcase

  14. Hiccups reccomended game of the month - human fall flat!! Free with game pass

  15. Ultimate chicken horse - hiccups recommended game of the month

    1. DoG Hiccups SD

      DoG Hiccups SD

      so u gonna get the game?

  16. Hi all, sorry I have not been active.  A lot of things going on in my life and gaming is not on the top of my list right now.  I am aware some of you are concerned and I appreciate the attention.  God Bless and see you soon...kiss kiss :)


  17. Guest

    IncitingChaos Showcase

    Hello friends! If you're here it means you wanna know what i can do! Enjoy my examples and Cheers (:
  18. Where are the great recruiters out there?  I have been striking out with recruits lately and need to learn some new tactics.

  19. Hi everyone, and to the people who have birthdays today happy bday.


    DoG Stillwell's Showcase

    I'm a multimedia artist with a focus on concept art. You can find my updated art portfolio on my personal site www.fluxmechanics.com or on Instagram @fluxmechanics. The following are some recent pieces I've created for various projects.
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