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  5. XBOX Gamertag has changed to "Rinji Ryu"

  6. Merry Christmas everyone 🎄

  7. Whats up, you remember me as DoG Fender DL, my gamertag is FENDERblues22b, im looking to become more active within the community but would like to speak to some DL's or higher.  Please contact me

    1. DoG FENIX DL

      DoG FENIX DL

      Fender, Reach out to me my man. I will be on tonight and tomorrow night. DOG FENIX DL

  8. Hello guys your amazing



  9. Thanksgiving maybe done but Thanking all in DoG for what they provide for my family by becoming part of my family can never be thanked enough! Hope all had a Great Thanksgiving!


  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating 🦃

  11. I am originally known as billypotamus from the 360 days.  I am a strategic gamer and I like the new name I had to make but wish I could have that old profile name again lol  anyways, I hope that we can take this gaming thing to the next level.  

  12. Hello DoG let's get recruiting!!!

  13. And it's on again!!! Come at me bro!!! Lol

  14. I love DoG you guys are amazing

  15. Recruiting challenge is on! Who will take the top spot this year?

    1. DoG Hiccups SD

      DoG Hiccups SD

      Can't wait to find out!

  16. Come one come all, join the chase. I have entered your Branch and left with my pic as the last entry so time to change the other Branches. 

  17. Just attended a meeting! Woot!

  18. 🎃 Happy Halloween DoG 🎃


  19. Great time last night with members from other branches at our cgn. While this installment of COD is tough it is also giving us more opportunities to play with more members across DoG!!!

  20. Hope everybody is having a great day in DoG!


    1. DoG Hiccups SD

      DoG Hiccups SD

      Every days a great day 😎

  21. First day and joint cgn tonight at 9 est. Come join us as we figure out MW for our future gaming fun!

    1. DoG xDashy

      DoG xDashy

      what a great CGN!

    2. DoG Grumpy D I

      DoG Grumpy D I

      It was a really good time thanks DoG xDashy 

  22. Today is the day!!! Get your recruiting hats on let's get ready to rumble in MW 9pm est

  23. time to get more involved, visit other branches see that the more we are different the more we are the same

  24. It's a Beautiful day in the Neighborhood of DoG! Welcome new members of our community hope you take some time and read about is.

  25. 3 days left!!! Time to get excited!

  26. Good Morning what is DoG up to today???


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